A Little Bit About Sleeping Bags

A Little Bit About Sleeping Bags

Creating the perfect environment for your baby to sleep comfortably can really feel like a tough job!

We picked out the sleeping bag as one of our favorite items this season because it makes the job so much easier!

A baby sleeping bag is a wearable blanket that will keep your baby at comfortable temperature through the night. If you use a sleeping bag, then you don’t need to use a duvet or a blanket. 


I used a sleeping bag with both my babies and loved the fact that I didn’t have to wake up to check if my baby was still covered and I was assured as long as the room temperature stayed constant, my baby’s temperature was constant too.
My Baby could roll around and wriggle as much as they liked without losing any covers or slipping under them. After some time, they soon learnt to associate the sleeping bag with sleep and whenever I put them in the bag, they would know its bedtime and settle in. Feeds and changes at night were much easier because I wasn’t disturbing baby by removing his covers and all.

The tog rating or weight of a baby sleeping bag determines its thickness and how warm it is. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the sleeping bag, making it suitable for cooler weather. Although you can buy different togs, you will need to adjust the clothing your baby wears underneath – in very hot weather, they might just wear a nappy or short-sleeved bodysuit, whilst in colder weather, they might need a bodysuit and sleepsuit. Below is a guide that shows you the recommended clothing by temperature.

These are guidelines only; you always need to check your baby to ensure they are not too hot. If their neck is damp, they may be too hot.

 Always choose a baby sleeping bag suitable for your baby’s age and weight.





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